Monday, February 26, 2007

fortune small business :: everybody wants in

asaf :: from the brief - "the company man has been an outdated archetype for a while, but now everyone, it seems, wants to start their own company as a way of providing income, independence, and meaning to their lives."
I tried two different directions at first, the first was rightfully dismissed as "too gore" and the second had some potential but wasn't exactly right for the article's concept. the AD suggested to keep the climbing character but to change the giant "boss chair" into buildings.

from this second round the third sketch seemed to have the most focus, and was chosen for final.

the fun part about the execution of this illustration was designing the different characters.

and here is another multi-character illustration I did recently, for Penthouse. this one was a 1/4 page. a real quickie...


  1. Very nice! Especially dig the Penthouse illo, 'cause I'm a lowbrow.

  2. WAOU,

    It's wonderfull. I have discovered your blog 2 weeks ago.
    I really love your work.
    I have started to draw by myself, based on your work because for me its perfect. Not too much details but a lot of so funny. Attitudes of your characters are so nice.

    Thanks a lot for all this pleasure.


  3. Really fun pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  4. so impressive your work! very beautiful!

  5. Hey Asaf. Been an admirer of you and your bro's stuff for about a year now. Tried viewing your latest work from a couple of different computers, but all I got were 4 tiny blue squares with question marks in them. What gives, man? Your other stuff shows up fine. Anyway, keep up the excellent work.

  6. I don't exactly know what happened... I guess the images were somehow deleted from the blogspot server. unfortunately I'm on a trip a way from my computer so I can't reload it for a few more days.
    Apologies for everyone, this will be fixed as soon as I return.

  7. I dug your first two sketches for this one better than the final. Particularly the first one. Also that last image has a nice palette--I like the purple to orange analagous gradient dealy you have going through the line. Also the woman just behind the kissing couple is sexy in a more real way than you often see in contemporary illustration. Its hard to draw women with a a line or two on their face or a little thickness in their abdomen and hips without having them read as haggish in the imaginary illustration vocabulary of Ideal Proportions.

  8. Great drawings, I like the last one in particular - great characterizations, anatomy and composition!