Friday, March 02, 2007

between Iraq and a hard place :: the Iraqi Refugees Crisis

tomer :: from Mother Jones Magazine: "They cheered the U.S. invasion; they offered to help, signed on as translators, risked everything they had to work for the United States. But when they had to run for their lives, America slammed the door."
the story examined the unique problem of Iraqis who helped America in the early stages of the war. they were soon targeted by insurgents and couldn't stay in Iraq. if they happened to survive the deadly desert chill on their way out of the country and make it to Jordan they had to face discrimination as they couldn't legally work or send their children to school. America's doors stayed shut.
from the story "Of Iraq's 27 million prewar population, about 1 in 8—some 3.4 million people—have left their homes since the invasion, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (unhcr), and more than half of those have ended up abroad. Refugees International labels this the world's fastest-growing humanitarian crisis. Yet the Bush administration has refused to so much as acknowledge the refugees' plight, let alone help them get to safety or even provide basic humanitarian aid."

>> read more and learn how to help


  1. a powerful and moving illustration. brillaintly done.

  2. Strong piece.

    Your recent drawings seem to be heading into a more expressive / cartoon direction . A bit of a departure from your usual 'naturalistic' approach.

  3. I agree with Dominic, super srong piece. Beautiful line work and colors, i like the central composition with all the space surrounding the image.

  4. Great Drawing!
    You captured a great deal of emotion simply with just the drawing itself.

  5. Wonderful piece! how was it made? is it adobe illustrator?

  6. songsangdee6:41 PM

    All your illustrations are amazing! Raging Bull, Hip Hop America, the current one in Mother Jones.

    I was wondering if you have ever discussed your working method and if so, where would I be able to find it? I'm a firm believer in learning as much as possible from artists that we admired.

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work.

  7. the drawing and the idea are perfectly matched on this one Tomer. My favourite of your work so far. so much history in the expressions, the hands and the body language. the mother comforting the small girl with her rugged hand is so telling for this mad situation.

  8. tomer maaaaaaaaan how dafuk u draw like that. man yore lines and flow waaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooowaaaaaaaaaaaa, maaaan. .. u draw similary to some artists of my country, argentina, but u are better,
    discovered your drawings some days ago and today i see your blog, this is great, will keep visiting

    see u man.

  9. I love the colors on this.

  10. I just found your site and artwork. I've bookmarked your site--I'll be coming back :-)

  11. Tomer, dude, it's shiri, from Assaf and Shiri. I got to your site ( through stumbleUpon and decided it was a cosmic hint that I should say hi. Hope all is well. Love your stuff, as usual. Shiri

  12. thanks for the kind comments.

    dominic- more cartoony- yes, i agree. i am cutting back on reference. what a liberating experience.
    jspokes- the space surrounding the image was planned to bring home their isolation, though in retrospect it's just formally contrasting a cluttered shape with blank space.
    nitzan- it's a an ink drawing colored in Photoshop.
    songsangdee- if you read back in the blog you can find lots of process brake-downs and detailed explanations of our working methods.
    p- kind thanks. i like drawing big hands. 10% bigger than they should be (at least!).
    shiri- !! good to hear from you, and good to see the fam is rapidly growing... dash ham.

  13. Such poignacy in this image. It carries great weight. Thankyou you very much for posting the process. its an honour to see.