Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Code Green :: A cry from a sick planet

tomer :: in this all inclusive project for Stanford Medicine Magazine I had the opportunity to create images for the entire magazine. given the subject matter, it became a crash course in environmental disasters and the implications on human lives. here are some quotes to think about when you're tucked in bed, trying to fall asleep.

climate change
"Is there no escaping it? Probably not. It is, after all, global and its reach will be felt across the planet. According to news reports of a draft analysis by the world’s leading climate scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, by 2080 up to 7 million more homes will be threatened by coastal flooding, up to 600 million more people will go hungry and up to 3.2 billion will be hurt by lack of water. Diseases borne by insects, rodents and foul waters will spread. And more of us will die from intense heat waves and declining air quality."

heat waves
"A heat wave in New York last summer killed 100 people, the deadliest there in decades. Europe’s deadly heat wave of 2003 killed 35,000, its victims the elderly living quietly in beautiful Renaissance buildings that lacked ventilation or air conditioning — their adult children away on annual summer vacations. The Chicago heat wave of July 1995 took 700 lives, the numbers of its victims initially swept under the rug."

cholera outbreak
"Global climate change and its effect on increasing seawater temperature and monsoon rains stimulates the growth of algae and the small algal-feeding crustaceans that harbor the cholera microbe. Together, these ecological changes lead to more intense cholera outbreaks."

and lastly, the Print Shop is finally up.


  1. Great series of pieces. Love the Cholera one esp. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Beautiful illustrations on such a devastating topic.

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    i actually went to google for the stanford med magazine website. so i can look at the whole illutration set.=)
    interesting way to illustrate these topics.

  4. wow. my favorite part of the "climate change" illustration is how the girl leaning against the window has her back foot toeing the floor.

  5. Thought provoking...Me likey.

  6. Splendidly unnerving, without being overly grotesque. Great job!

  7. Anonymous2:35 AM

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  8. A really impressive portfolio.

  9. Holy sweet jesus your illustrations are the best. Makes me want to either cry or draw until my eyes bleed. I'm gettin' me a print or two for sure.

  10. Is there a chance of making a print run of the Wu-Tang illustration? I would love to have a copy of that piece on my wall.