Saturday, May 20, 2006

memory lane :: the dark side

asaf ::flushed by the wave of nostalgia, I decided to dig some dusty works from the dark side of my closet. those where done sometime during the 3 years I spent at Emile Cohl, an art school in Lyon, France.
it was an interesting experience, and I was lucky to meet some great people.
each of these pieces represents an awkward attempt to imitate a different illustrator, without being completely aware of it. and that would be my two cents for all you greens out there - know your influence, but learn to keep a safe distance. there is nothing more rewarding than developing your own vocabulary.


  1. namnam11:46 PM

    hi asaf
    At last, some personal works,
    i like it :)

  2. Thanks for posting these pieces -- it's so fascinating to see them in contrast to your current work.

  3. Great stuff. I find it very interesting that both of you decided to post a Lolita picture.

  4. I'd be interested to know who you thought you were emulating in these images. The Lolita picture in particular is a really nice sollution, and though these images do seem reflective of a young artist still exploring style, I don't see them as specifically influenced by any one artist in particular.

    I remember some quote from Picasso where he says something about how when you copy another artist, your mistakes are your own. In other words, where you fail to emulate this other artist, your own style emerges. Or at least that's what I got out of it. So I still see a lot of Asaf in these pictures. So maybe that's where you weren't quite suceeding in being whoever you thought you were trying to be. Or something.

  5. beautiful work my man!! Do you use a lot of photo reference?

  6. crazy, n ice to see both of you guys' old work

  7. awesome work! i just saved it between all my fav links.

  8. hi - thanks all for your comments.

    namnam - it's funny how painted work tends to look instantly personal as opposed to digital.
    james - thanks!
    luis - we both read lolita just before leaving for art school, so I guess it was floating in our head for a while.
    jed - congrats for the new blog!
    frak - no photo reference for these images, but today I use it quite often.
    josh - thanks, will you be the next trend victim and post your old work?
    oregongirl - thank you :)

  9. Oh my! You don't even imagine how happy I am to finally find your blog. I know your personal sites, but theres something special in blogs. The way Authors can communicate their thoughts through the works, and words, and this marvellous response you (blogger) get by comments!
    So; I'm happy to find this blog.
    I'm admiring your works for so long.
    And because it's my first comment here, and my first visit, let me take some time to look and enjoy your works before commenting on them specifically.

  10. hey miras - you got a pretty cool blog yourself... I mean blogs, all three of them!

  11. Great art. Is the last picture of Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death?

  12. hey solario - thanks. I can't remember what was it done for... but your guess sounds right.

  13. Your illos are awesome!

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