Monday, May 29, 2006

be evil :: the spyware wars

tomer :: this story that run in Wired describes an internet marketing firm that used aggressive spyware and adware techniques. when it got sued and exposed it reinvented itself under a new name and used the same methods only this time under the title "behavioral marketing". the gist of the story is that the spyware wars are about to be over -- and spyware has won. only now we don't see the annoying pop up windows that reminded us what is really going on under the covers.

the image needed to show an evil entity under a disguise of legitimacy.

they went with the first sketch, to my relief. but there was a problem with using a screen like that since some other section had a man looking through a monitor and they wanted to avoid repeating a similar idea. so I went to final with this mask instead.

...only to retract to the original version, as everybody agreed it was more effective.


  1. wouh! it's Mona Lisa on the screen!
    There are a vinci code somewhere?

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    You've got the best style i've seen in my life!

  3. very, very nice!

    Love your stuff

  4. Shai & Cherie12:15 AM

    Hey!!! We just randomly found your blog page through some other Israeli blogs. This is too funny. You guys are really celebrities.

    We are moving to LA in a few days, hope you can make it for Dana's wedding. Say hi to Keren and Hilit for us.

  5. thanks everybody!

    shai+cherie!!- thanks for stopping by...can't believe you're leaving NY just as we are about to return (maybe, by the end of the year...) the weather in LA wins every time, NY rats are so much nicer though. see you at the wedding!

  6. Wooooo ... these are V neat and surreal! Coolio!!

  7. as usual, they're very cool, and it's always great to see the work in progress. The final one is indeed the best one.
    I've started my own little blog, feel free to check it out.