Saturday, May 13, 2006

Skool Daze :: time machine

tomer :: james had a post the other day that made me think about the time I've graduated. some of you might be graduating around this time and maybe, like I was, you too are struggling with questions of style. I went through every available medium/approach while I was attending SVA and when I graduated I was left with a portfolio that looks nothing like my current work. why? because once I was out of the system I wanted to draw the way that felt the most comfortable or natural and that was with ink and brush, the way I drew before attending SVA. but going through four years of trying other mediums really rattled the way I thought about color. I'm not sure there is a big advice somewhere here. maybe not to commit to anything for too long. all experiments seems to contribute even if you go a different rote in the end. there's nothing more depressing then waking up every day and doing the same drawing.


  1. namnam12:38 AM

    hi Tomer
    i would never guess that those are yours, they are so different from your usual style, but still amazing !
    i really like the last drawing, very powerfull.
    Thanks for sharing your personal work, i find it most interesting , please publish more of this.

  2. Hey man,

    Nice to see ya post stuff from school and to see the change. They are really nice and one can see thats why your current work looks solid. You know how to paint so when you paint in the computer you get the look you want. Thankss for sharing your older work. OH by the way your Marquis De Sade SO freaking good. My top Fav.


  3. Hey Tomer,

    this is a good post. I'm the type of person who gets bored really easily and I like to switch things up all the time. It's bad for my career in a lot of ways but it keeps me happy. I figure over time my art's identity will become more and more apparent. it's a very slow journey but I believe it's the best way to develop my voice.

  4. Yes! This is why Tomer kicked so much ass at SVA. I still remember those 3D pieces you did . . . I think everyone would get a kick out of seeing them.

  5. Tomer,

    Going to art school was great to learn Art history and, yes, the best you get from it is how to approach your colors. That's also what I got, just as much as a lot more self criticism.

  6. naama- tnx! getting a computer sure changed a lot of things. I'm glad I didn't own one while I was going to school.
    bluebird- I was staying away from hard core figurative oil painting though it was the major thing at SVA (back then at least) I think I always wanted to do flatter stuff. not there yet. the De Sade piece was one step towards that idea.
    frank- I think personality would always win over style, and referring to your last kick ass super hero post, it has all the humor and edge of your drawings just with a different bent. in a way i think this approach leads to a healthier career.
    PR- whenever i want to make myself cringe i think about those objects from assemblage class.
    fabio- self criticism is key. too much and you get paralyzed. too little and you're running backwards.

  7. That's funny, I always thought those assemblage pieces were so interesting and personal. It's amazing what we did before photoshop entered our lives and swept us away to gradient heaven.

  8. Some amazing works here Tomer! I love the experimental elements in all these pieces, wheater they are in you color choises or in the collage elements or even the compositional and drawing elements. Most of the artist I really look up to right now like you your brother and James Jean all did different things in school than your current work. Very interesting. I could see why though. Ever think of going back to traditional mediums, maybe for gallery shows or just personal works? I mean I know you use brush and ink but you know what i mean. Anyways thanks for posting these works. I always enjoy your art.

  9. thank you for sharing these. 2 months ago after the Richard Parker ordeal i stumbled over my entry portfolio for Art Center. I realized that I was doing then what I am starting to do now... funny.