Monday, January 04, 2010

talking about colors :: two interviews

tomer :: two recent interviews. one for IdN's color issue (they don't have the interview online).
the other for Brooklyn based multimedia blog Quiet Color.
this interview was conducted by my former student Jake Cohen. Rob Stites, who was in the same class, sat down with us as well. I urge you to check their unique and beautifully idiosyncratic works-- each week they would walk into the desert of the unknown and return with a crystal.


  1. I sure like that Marquis de Sade cover.

  2. I liked the guy running with the megaphone picture.

    I like your blog.

    Tom Bailey

  3. nice color & styles

  4. bought this issue. beautiful.

  5. Your colour pallet is top notch sir! My friends bought me a print of the Marquis for my 30th. Love it.