Saturday, November 01, 2008

Unbreakable :: Pain is Glory

tomer :: pain is glory. pain is pride. and pain is great to watch. Unbreakable is a reality show currently running on channel 5 UK. the campaign, created with Grey London, showcases moments of heightened drama and pain in an animated fashion. here is the original billboards art :

for the TV spots we've created animated sequences drawn over and mixed with the live footage.
here bellow is the breakdown that was given to the animators for the gas sequence where a young man struggles to survive as he inhales toxic gas in a sealed tent (fun!):

here is the final video edit with the animation and special effects:

another one for ant lovers:

and logo sequence:


  1. Saw this on the tube the other day and wished I had my camera with me. You answered my wishes, and i didn't even ask.

  2. WOW! That thing is huge. Congrats.

    I would definitely watch this show.

  3. Nicely done. Cool pics.

  4. Wow! Excellent work Tomer!! Congrats!

    As for the tv show, W...T....F...?!

  5. I sat waiting for my train just staring at this advert for 15 minutes I couldn't take my eye off it.

    Great great work.

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hey T & A,

    Really like the stuff for Unbreakable, looks like an interesting show..I'll try and catch it. Also seen lots of newspaper articles on Waltz recently, looks like it may come to the cinema over here, how cool is that?


    James K.

  7. Tight!!
    I particularly like the image of the guy suffocating.

  8. Anonymous9:56 AM

    what a great project!

  9. I saw this on the tube and was wondering who it was by, it did look familiar! It's a great image and incredibly striking, definitely brightened up my waiting for a train.

  10. these are so humbling. Great work.

  11. awesome work its almost unoticable where the animation begins.
    really sweet.

  12. I practically see the impressive yellow version every single day in Old Street tube station on my way home from Nelly Duff where I work and I'm still not tired of it.

    Chapeau, chapeau - great work!

  13. That tube poster looks great as do the tv spots.
    Just discovered you worked on BASHIR-excellent film, I hope its pushed for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, deserves to win.

  14. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Getting people watch other people suffer - the new paradigm of entertainment. Sorry, Tomer, but it feels just wrong with me. I get the impression our world has got so much sicker than "Clockwork Orange" predicted.

  15. Oh wow, It's YOU!

    Saw that ad almost every day on my way to and from uni on the tube. Great stuff. Your style is fantastic!

  16. I saw these up aswell and thought "they look pretty much like tomer hanuka's style"... great stuff

    My verification code is "bashi" right now