Wednesday, October 01, 2008

into the whackness

asaf :: this was done for 8-k magazine.
the brief : Find your own trail. A man is whacking bushes through a safari jungle, forging his own path (in business and in life). the title : The Bushwhacking Theory of Life

the sketches

the line art

the final


  1. great colours and awesome lineart like always! i was wondering when doing lineart with your wacom, do you 'draw' your linework or use paths in illustrator/photoshop? i've found it hard to get nice sharp points and curves like you've done with the panther's shadows.

    also looking forward to your collab graphic novel with tomer, cheers!

  2. you keep getting better and better, funny while the blog was loading, the 1st image i saw was the line art one, for a moment looked like a Hugo Pratt image, guess because your use of black/white!

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  4. Hello, I'd like to know if you're the one who drew this :



  5. do yeah - i find it easier to draw the blacks with wacom than with anything else. the sharp point are achieved by pressure sensitive pen.

    zoo - thanks for the kind comparison :)

    benkate - this one was done by tomer

  6. excellent drawings, I love your work, in particular the ranges of colors and the collages that you are using to make your work

    saludos de Chile!

  7. hi Asaf,

    I enjoy your (and Tomer's) illustration very much. Your art is quite unique; I am intrigued by its fluidity, emotion, and grotesqueness. What inspires you?

  8. Beautiful set of arts!!

  9. Really well done!


  10. Great drawings! very dynamic.

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