Friday, August 10, 2007

WU-TANG CLAN :: a national treasure

tomer :: the concept for this URB cover was to combine the Wu-Tang Clan with the Birth of America. the group was at the origin of hip-hop and since "defined itself by brilliantly conjured and successfully united mythology". (B. Perkins, from the article).

looking at the iconic paintings that celebrated the union wasn't doing it for me, but I was inspired by these old envelopes designs with modest two color printing and millage of pathos.

*type design by Alex Chow.


  1. Wow, really nicely done.

    A bit of a stylistic departure for you.

  2. Awesome to see the whole research process behind this piece; although the piece stands even stronger by itself. Great stuff.

  3. WOW!!! Really Awesome.
    Greetings from Chile

  4. I'm a big big Wu fan. That was an awesome opportunity to do a piece on such a legendary group. I got to admit I'm jealous..haha. Great piece.
    take care,

  5. chris hope11:59 PM

    I saw this on the newsstand today. That cover leaps of the rack like nothing else. Great job!

  6. Great concept and very well executed. As an artist and Wu fan, I'm impressed! Wu-Tang forever!

  7. i just bought The Placebo Man and Pizzeria Kamikaze. Finished both. So Good. I love your work and i'm glad i spent my ex-job money to buy your books. I find the band Kayo Dot to be a good listen while reading The Placebo Man. Just fits in so well i think. haha anyways
    take care you're an amazing artist.

  8. another great piece!
    love your work, especially 'simtaot hazaam' and 'pizzeria kamikaza' :D
    keep it up hevre

  9. a great work, I magnify.
    I like mainly, the process of documentation and the mixture of all the elements, giving as result a great work.
    without a doubt, a very good illustration. Bravo.
    p.d great blog.

  10. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Hey Asaf,

    Did you get my email?
    Ive got a business proposal for you.


    Oren Raviv

  11. Really luv to view the creative process as well the final artwork. Keep rockin'!

  12. This is an awesome montage. I really dig the textures and the palette. Thanks for posting all this, it really helps the illustration superstar hopefuls. I have an off topic question though; How do you feel about your reps and stock illustration? I'm just starting out and You guys are so well established I just thought I'd ask. Stoked.

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  14. wow.
    any prints for sale???
    this made my year.

  15. Great extract. It's interesting to see whole research process, and concept sketches. It's always my favourite part in your projects.
    Perfect colours.

  16. I bet you hear this often, but Im going to say it anyway, youre damn awesome, in fact: yo da man!

  17. dominic- thanks. not sure I get what you mean about a departure, feels like i am going back to the early days...

    guyshield- tnx! it does demystify everything...

    nelson- thanks for stopping by and greetings from nyc.

    papa- thanks :)

    francis- thanks man, you should grab this opportunity and do a self assigned Wu piece, if you can spare the time. i'd love to check it out.

    chris- thanks... it was a musical month.

    robert- I think Al Pacino should start saying "Wu Tang!" instead of "Hoo Ha!!".

    swink"- hey man, really appreciate your words on the comics... we are working toward something new together, it takes forever though. i am going to check out Kayo dot now.

    tal- i love 'simtaot hazaam' and 'Pizzeria Kamikaze" as well, by Asaf Hanuka and Etgar Keret. these are some of my favorite comics but i can't claim credit over them!

    dogjausreily- kind thanks.

    anonymous- i believe all this is settled.

    alex- thanks a bunch dude.

    eli- i think getting a rep is great for some artists who needs that sort of support in marketing, negotiating, dealing with contracts, sending invocises and keeping the books orginised. some people have a talent/patience for business AND drawing. about stock art- i think it's ok as long as you don't sell the rights, just resell existing work, and negotiate each sale at a time for one time use only. in other words, don't sell your soul, just rent out small pieces of it for limited usage.

    willard- yes! this print is for sale. contact mia(--at--)

    ib beto bi- thanks!

    mr. hawthorne-- thanks Mike!

    daniel ted- i appreciate.

  18. The image looks great. I wouldn't really peg them for being apart of the beginning of hip hop since their first single wasn't released until 1993. I'm sure they were doing stuff before that but hip hop started back in the early eighties. Just a note from a very big hip hop fan. But aside from technicalities your illo looks awesome. Much respect.

    Michael Byers

  19. matilou2:15 PM

    I love this illustration tomer !

    and would you say hi from me to assaf ?
    thanks !