Sunday, June 24, 2007

an Unholy Trinity :: The Un-Men 2 cover

tomer :: the second cover for this upcoming Vertigo title focuses on the three main players of the story: Kilcrop, the black albino FBI agent; Cranius, the brian-on-a-hand mad genius (often supported by a headless surgeon body); and Niko, the one armed winged beauty.
Cranius, who seems to be one step ahead of everyone and with the worst motivations in mind, requires a special place in this triangle. there is a scene in the book where he is operating on someone and the idea of using the surgical lights as a halo was concidered as an apparatus to highlight him.
while drawing the sketch, another halo, if negative, became apparent as the headless surgeon neckline and was used to highlight one of the implants Cranius is using on his patient/victim.


lastly, we've added Asaf's latest image Born to Kill as the newest print on Monomyth.


  1. Great pic. Shades of Burroughs's 'Mastermind of Mars' , love it.

  2. 'Beautiful' seems to be the wrong word here but I like what I see. Very nice.

  3. The red makes it a bit gruesome but still beautiful.

    The brain parts remind me of hot dogs. Visceral.

  4. Stunning blog guys...really majestic. Will be back for more!
    And thanks for the comment on my wee blog!

  5. poor me didnt know you have a blog.
    i just browse through your blog and realized how much i missed.
    really cool works, i especially like the popcorn one.

  6. Uau, Tomer! Your work is wonderful. Congratulations.

  7. wow, you can feel the pain in the patients face. poor bastard. Nice cover!

  8. just loved it!

  9. The cover worked out brilliantly!

    I was at the DC offices last week and go to see the next two covers and was blown away by those also!

    Great work all around!


  10. Hey Mike! thanks man... it's turning out to be a super wacky and fun project.

  11. Just wait till you see what happens in #4! It just gets crazier and crazier! ;)

    BTW - Folks loved the cover to #1 at the Vertigo panel in Philadelphia a few weeks back. It really sells the series perfectly.