Tuesday, June 12, 2007

born to kill :: born to die

asaf :: this image was created for a newspaper in Israel.
the article talks about the sad reality of parents preparing themselves mentally for the possibility they will loose their child in the ongoing conflict in the middle east.
the grieving starts at the moment the doctor announces they have a boy during the ultrasound scan, and continues until the child finally leaves for his mandatory 3 years army service at 18.


  1. Beautiful detail and expression with so little "stuff" in the image.

  2. wow, this is a beautiful piece. I love the soft details on the helmet. Your work keeps taken steps forward. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. This is a good looking piece and a powerful subject.

    My father was in the Haganah during the original settlement period after the 2nd World War. He was a part of the underground imigration effort, and for as long as I've understood what that meant, I've been proud of it. It goes without saying that this continuing reality for your generation isn't the future that his generation envisioned.

    I can in no way comprehend what it's like to live in the shadow of that kind of day to day violence. For your own health and safety, I hope the two of you continue to live in Europe. I also hope there can be peace between Arabs and Israelis in our lifetimes, but somehow I doubt it.

  4. Jakob Westman4:17 AM

    Asaf, that's a REALLY strong and powerful image. I bet it made the article all the more potent.

  5. Oh! I saw this in the paper! Immediatly recognized your style. Amazing coloring by the way. I looked at it for several long minutes...

  6. stunning. love your work!!

  7. That's gorgeous. What newspaper was this in?

    Also, I would love to have it as a wallpaper.


  8. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I hope you're planning to add this one to Monomyth. Amazing work.

  9. amazing n so expressive..
    it touches and leaves a mark in the memory..!

    great illustration and great thought!

  10. Hey! your stuff is so wicked that i have added your link in my blog. Greetings.

  11. Scary and beautiful image Asaf. the shadows and light on this are superb. The scratched star of David on the helmet is a very nice and subtle touch.
    I actually thought women were suppose to serve as well? but I might remember this wrongly.

  12. thanks everyone for the kind feedback.
    jed - thanks for sharing that bit of personal family history.
    zohar - it appeared in the weekend edition of Maariv.
    charles - thanks for the mention on your blog :)
    pajarraco - and thank you for adding the link.
    peter hermann - you are correct, women serve 2 years but mostly in office jobs so the risk is minimal.

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  14. This is REALLY heavy. Beautiful image. Perfectly tells me about the story without having read anything. Really love the way you colored it as well. Slick work per usual!

    Are you selling prints of this? Lemme know.

  15. LOVE this blog. Love the progress of pictures and how you guys apply technical skills to make a picture great.

  16. thanks guys.
    edel - yap, this image will be available on the monomyth print shop at http://monomyth.com/

  17. Great blog. I like the message of your art, your clean line, and your style of drawing. if you are ok i link you in my blog.
    See you

  18. thank you slaba.
    and thanks for the linking :)

  19. So much movement, it looks more like a still from an Anime movie.

    One of my favorite pieces of yours, no question.

  20. Very poignant. I'm from Singapore and had to do 2.5 years of National service and though it's nowhere near as dangerous or tense as the situation in Israel, it did make me more aware of what people do when defending their country. Strangely, just before the second war on Iraq broke out, I wrote and performed a monologue to generate proceeds for war refuees titled 'Random thoughts of a Random Soldier' and the last line of the performance was 'I am a soldier and I live to die.' It really echoes your image and words. Scary.

  21. Call this one a favorite. Is just excellent!

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