Monday, April 03, 2006

The Placebo Man :: graphic novel released

tomer:: by the end of 2000 I was done with SVA and Asaf had already signed with a publisher in France-- his first European album was about to be published. we decided to do this thing, a two person anthology, where we each contribute half of the content and the only justification for it being under one roof was our identical DNA. Bipolar was self published for the first two books, and then was picked up by Alternative Comics. The Placebo Man collects my best comics work from the past six years, including stories previously published in Bipolar and New Thing.
design by Kobi Franco- an excellent designer based in Tel-Aviv.

"Hanuka's raw, illustrative style underscores the tension and awkward fumblings toward meaning and connection that lie seething beneath the stories' surfaces." -The Washington Post.


  1. Congratulations! The sample images look terrific.

  2. WOW! Can I buy a copy from my local booksotre or comic store or online? It looks really good Tomer!

  3. Ciao
    I have seen your beautiful illustrations on Rollingstone Italy.

  4. Hi Tomer,
    I don't know if you remember me. I'm Tassos from Greece some years ago I send to you the "subart comics" fanzines... I see now that you finally got your TPB out. Looks amazing... With who may I speak for a greek-publication? send me an e-mail at: .
    thanx. be good! your works (and assaf's too) it got better over the years...

  5. I love the choice of image for the cover. That has been one of my favorites in your portfolio, I was actually looking at it recently as inspiration for a landscape illustration I am working on. The book looks great, will it be available at bookstores?

  6. the book is available at book stores and comic book shops and on if you're in London, I spotted a last copy at Comic Relief...but that was two weeks ago.

  7. i'm dreaming to find it, in France !
    nice work !

  8. rim, the book will published in French by Actus Sud a couple of months after Asaf's Pizzeria Kamikaze in early 2007.

  9. Tomer!
    Just rec'd "Philosophy in the Boudoir" as a gift, with your amazing cover art. SPECTACULAR work. Made me look up your site so I could tell you this.