Tuesday, April 11, 2006

nuclear monster :: cover

asaf :: from the article : In 1959 the largest nuclear meltdown in american history occurred in Southern California. the radioactive waste from the meltdown has contaminated to ground where people live. this story was largely forgotten yet the people who live nearby are still getting sick from it. the lawsuits continue to this day.

from the brief : the perfect suburbia world with the hidden/forgotten nuclear waste in their backyard. we need to see some toxic creek or glowing ground near the perfect manicured lawns of the suburban homes.

I started off with thumbnail sketches, looking for that '50 horror comic book flare. since this is a cover illustration, I tried finding a simple composition that could express the idea right away.

from that, I went on and chose three of them, and made a more detailed version. since I'm all wacom these days, I couldn't resist the temptation of adding some color, shades, a small filter here and there, etc.

the AD chose to go with the one featuring a little girl and a monster. it was my favorite, and I started working on it immediately. I did the inking, and some flat coloring, and then the best part - doing the monster's weird skin texture. and here comes the real horror - suddenly, the AD asks me to go with a different option. there was a misunderstanding at the office. well, at least I got to do those bumps.

so I went on and finished this one.


  1. These are great !

    You really looked like you had a lot of fun with them.

    Nice touch , the Skull refelected in the baloon.

  2. Cool stuff dude.
    Just wondering wath size of wacom do you use?

  3. too bad, the first one are realy amazing

  4. Too bad..I agree the first one was quite good. At least you got to put textures on the monsters skin.

  5. hey guys - thanks for the comments.
    I did have fun, partly because I felt the theme and ambiance where something not far from my natural tendency.
    A6 is my wacom size, which is the smallest there is. but when it comes to wacom - size doesn't count ;)
    I was thinking of finishing the first one, but after the job was done it was impossible. something about the adrenaline of a deadline was gone.
    dan - thanks for dropping by! drawing monsters skin is why I got into illustration in the first place :)