Saturday, December 24, 2005

video piracy :: sketch and final

asaf :: another spot, this time for the Wall Street Journal. the article talked about Hollywood's fear of video piracy. apparently there is close surveillance during journalists and critics movie screenings, as plainclothes security people prowl the aisles, peeping at the audience through night-vision scopes in order to pick up tell-tale lights from camcorders that may have previously escaped detection.
it was one of those jobs that had to finished over-night. to avoid messing up the deadline I tried to stay away from anything complicated - one sketch, simple composition, simple idea.


  1. Anonymous12:40 AM

    hi Asaf
    It doesn't look like u did it over night, it looks amazing.
    Do you know someone that gives private lessons ?

  2. thanks namnam :)
    i don't know anyone who gives private lessons, but hey - it's all about practice anyhow.

  3. Anonymous3:29 AM

    i guess you are right !
    I need the basic, can you recommened me a good book to start with ?

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    thank you very much .

  5. ( I am reposting my comment here, due to a minor error, now fixed )

    that's a good question... I have never heard of a "how-to" book for illustration. you might want to check the annual collections, such as "society of illustrators", "american illustration" and "communication arts" . these usually present an interesting selection of works from a wide range of styles.