Sunday, December 11, 2005

tree house :: sketch

asaf :: this one is a cover for The Deal. the story is about a select group, the private equity club. these are guys with large egos, powerful wallstreet guys who are involved with the buying and selling of companies.
the art director had the idea of a club house, with these characters jammed inside. the major difference between the two sketches is that in one of them we don't see the characters faces, which normally I would prefer, but in this case there is hardly any body language either.
the trick would be to succeed in expressing the characters attitude while showing only their back, stuffed against each-other.


  1. nice sketches, I think you've done a great job in the first one of showing the attitude without showing the faces. I think it portrays 'snobbiness' better because they are focused inward and the wall of backs exclude outsiders (including the viewer). good stuff.

  2. interesting comment nate, thanks.
    it is true there is something about the backs that leaves the viewer outside, and that was the magazine choice as well.