Monday, December 12, 2005

gambling junkie :: sketch

tomer :: this is a small spot for Time magazine. the article is about new medical drugs that have a weird side-effect: they turn the user into a gambling junkie (they also developed a sex addiction but they decided to concentrate on the gambling). this needs to be clear and simple since it's so small. I tried two approaches: the first is just an intense gambling scene (1,4) the second is more conceptual (2,3)


  1. I really dig number three. Very iconic.

  2. i concur, number 3 is the most clever.
    although 1 is more asthetically pleasing...

  3. do you ever dabble in other mediums besides ink? i always feel like there is something lost in translation from your beautiful sketches to final. Not that your finals don't rock the house, but there is so much more energy and life in your sketches sometimes. I would kill to see you use watercolor.

  4. rob- thanks, i think they looked for a faster read..

    d diddy- up to my first year of college all i did was water colors (strongly influenced by one of my all time faves Carlos Nine) then, during art school I slowly went through any available medium- oils, acrylic, collage, assemblage, color pencils, pencil over paint.... I only got a computer after i was done with school. i thank god for that.

    I sense that lately there is, across the board, a certain celebration of 'the process's. and part of that is a new appreciation for anything intermediate: sketches, behind the scenes, unplugged and so on. probably in response to everything being over edited for decades with the bizarre purpose of eliminating any human hand print off the final product. I enjoy looking at sketches a lot, but I still believe that in the end I experience art better when it's as planned out and thought out as possible. the process has a charm for sure, but a promised potential can't replaced fulfilled potential. so why this blog? for people, like us, who deal with the same problems, day after day, and enjoy seeing someone else struggle.

  5. could you ever post some of your ealier works? i'd really love to see you work in other mediums. I'm heavily influenced by your inking as right now, in art school, i'm trying to teach myself the same process. keep up the awesome work!