Friday, March 11, 2011

A Psychic Moment Illustrated

T:  a few weeks ago I've sent this sketch to the NYer about Gaddafi's fear barrier collapsing and the country's twitterers suddenly unafraid to slam him. the AD mentioned that another illustrator came up with something similar. got my copy earlier this week with Barry Blitt's delightful solution. instead of twitts he went with doves, which works well for a country with no internets. visual ideas float around like free radicals. further reading here->


  1. Seems to happen a lot at the NYer. When you have so many creative minds sending things in I guess it's not so far fetched to have duplicates.

  2. You too, Barry Blitt?

  3. The interesting thing is that they use the strew from Gaddafi-scarecrow to build their homes... Good methafore...