Sunday, May 08, 2011

Why We Celebrate a Killing

Tomer: A man is shot in the head, and joyous celebrations break out 7,000 miles away. Although Americans are in full agreement that the slaying of Osama Bin Laden is a good thing, many are disturbed by the revelry. From an op-ed piece by Jonathan Haidt in today's NY Times.

UPDATE: my favorite rumination on this matter, by The Realist->


art directed by uber illustrator Josh Cochran.


  1. Proverbs 24, 17-18

    anyway, great illustration, as usual..

  2. Amazingly well done

  3. Kenichi2:03 PM

    Great piece Tomer. Great job to Josh as well.

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Another exercise in self-justification.

  5. When I saw the celebration footage it made me feel kak...get yr heads out yr arses.

  6. Anonymous12:40 PM

    This is really important work. Can you release it as a print?

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    sorry i dont get it, why are the people on top? osama in hell, people in heaven or ? sorry for bad english

  8. Though I disagree with you, I like your artwork and admire your outspoken views. As an artist, I find it hard to be outspoken when I know it will be difficult for others to relate. Kudos.