Sunday, January 16, 2011

solving it IS the problem

A :: somedays you need to forget everything you know and go exactly the opposite direction of whatever your instincts are telling you. this was the case working on a piece for POZE magazine. AD Steve Morrison asked me to illustrate the concept of isolation, specifically for a story on the plight of HIV people in the poverty stricken south of the USA. the process started with me on auto pilot generating conceptual "solutions" for "isolation". Steve was there to suggest an alternative: just draw it, don't solve it.


  1. Love the final result, beautiful colour scheme and it really gets the message intended out.
    Really like the concept of the middle one, third row down too.

  2. So awesome, very nice touch with the bird on the wire. I love the way you inked this one too, especially on the hatching of his shadows.

  3. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Fantastic picture. I do love the conceptual ones though, particularly of the red on the face like one is marked.

  4. Beautiful, but I did find myself liking some of the conceptual ones too.

    Anyway, brilliant work!


  5. Beautiful piece. As a matter of fact, one of my favorites of yours. The yellow sky tells a story of its own. A beautiful example of how to work with negative space. bravo!


  6. I do enjoy those sketches a lot. Especially with the emphasis on color.
    The final illustration is gorgeous though! I'm glad you went with that choice.

  7. Always a treat to see your sketches.

  8. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I Love your work!