Monday, December 20, 2010

A.A., The Cult that Cures :: Harper's Cover

T :: a cover feature for an essay by Clancy W. Martin, looking at the religious aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps Program and why alcohol is the devil (or at least, a different kind of cure).

This blow up on the cover flap was a nice accident.

Happy Holidays, and drink safely.
Art Directed by Robb Rice for Harper's.


  1. Just saw it on stands earlier today, looked fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous. The color choice is especially nice.

  3. Beautiful. It would be cool if you could offer this as a desktop wallpaper. It has some nice negative space that would work really well for icons. Beautiful work!

  4. Great colours, much better that the traditional devil read. Very well done, but I like the first layout a little better

  5. A beauty! The best illustrated cover I've seen in a while!