Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazon Best Covers of 2009 :: beyond Thunderdome

tomer :: check out Amazon's Best Cover of the Year vote-- they narrowed down the thousands of books sold this year to a small number of finalists to be judged by the surfing public. the cover i did for The Gigolo Murder (blogged here) is competing against five other covers in the paperback category. the rest is in your hands. i'd twitt about about it, but I'm vegan.

* voting gives you a chance to win a set of the top vote-getters in each category


  1. Just voted for it :) It really is the best one by a lot.

  2. Wow.. Congrats!. Tomer.
    I voted it.

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I dare you to draw a fat person.

  4. congrats on the nomination...

  5. voted also. Great work as always man.

  6. "i'd twitt about about it, but I'm vegan."

    Can you explain that? lol

    and the cover is amazing, as always.