Monday, December 17, 2007

Juxtapoz cover :: and a sneak peek

tomer :: current Juxtapoz cover feature and an interview by Aesop Rock.

image on cover showcasing characters from an upcoming graphic novel Asaf and I are working on... more updates soon.

* a limited edition print of this image now available at monomyth


  1. I would like to be as good illustrators as you some day.


  2. I want to have your children.
    Well, both of youse children.

    Keep it up. My fav art blog so far.

  3. Looking forward to picking this up.

  4. Congrats, Tomer! Saw this today, and will pick it up when the lines are shorter.

  5. I love the colors in your work.

  6. Hey Tomer,

    I saw your cover of Juxtapoz at the local B & N. The cover looks great- congratulations on the write up.



    p.s. Will I see you again at the SINY show in February or March?

  7. Tomer-im a big fan. i just bought juxtapoz because i instantly recognized your work on the cover. keep up the sweet work!

  8. Anonymous1:25 AM

    And the Donald Duck shirt is pure genius!!

    :) Jakob

  9. diantres- tnx! you're doing great yourself.

    sherban- you're too kind, and yes, we'll take you on your offer!

    dominic- thanks for the support... the book might take a little while.

    rozum- thanks! good to see you.

    patrick- much appreciated.

    sterling- looking forward to our annual meeting at the SI... always good times.

    j5- thank you!

    jakob- it all came from the research ! tnx.

  10. I bought this issue strictly for the cover. What's funny is that I knew this was your work even though I've never been a big follower of what you do. After reading this interview and viewing your online portfolio, I must say that I am now a big fan of yours.

    Thanks for shining some light on your personal life and a big thank you for the inspiration that I desperately needed.

    You are a truly gifted artist!

  11. Just picked up the issue, nice work. Was wondering what you thought of showing linework in images, as in do you think it is okay to show heavy linework in a painting or does it break the illusion of depth too much?

  12. When I see the hig quality of your work , I can't wait to see what you are going to create in the Sketchtravel Sketchbook Tomer ! it will be your turn soon, be prepared ;-)

  13. Tomer: I read your interview in Juxtapoz and have to say I love your quote about just being published isn't enough - that something exciting has to happen on the drawing board or else why draw. Defintely can relate to that. Love the pieces you have in that issue too.

  14. Thank you for your words...your work is extraordinary¡¡...i'll visit your site every week. The novel i'm doing will be finished in 8 months. You can see other albums of mine in, maybe in Amazon...I live in Madrid, where do you live?..have a nice day. Jorge.

  15. Fantastic artwork Tomer. Love the line, the composition, the color, the light.
    All both poetic and striking.

  16. Tomer-

    I have been greatly inspired by your work ever since I had to do a research paper on illustrators for class, (You were one of the illustrators I covered.) The new Juxtapoz cover is beautiful and I immediately recognize the Htoo twins (If I am not mistaken.) I am happy to see your work in this magazine, as it's one of the only art magazines I think exposes some great artists. I will pick up this magazine a.s.a.p.

    keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more.


  17. congratulations. i got my copy yesterday.

  18. Hey Tomer, wow your work has been amazing lately(and kind of sick, but in a good way) I'm in love with the un-men covers! Congrats on the Juxtapoz cover as well.

  19. Anonymous10:52 PM

    My husband bought me this ish of Jux for Xmas...I thought "Tomer's on the cover of Jux - finally!"

    Way to go, gorgeous work as always. You're at your best covering the issue of war.

  20. i want it.... i want it badly!!
    your works are greeeeeat!

    3re - | ...|

  21. So great cover!!!... I love you style!!!
    Regards from spain

  22. Very intriguing interview. The cover was an exceptional pick.

    Looking forward to viewing more.

  23. Sick, the coolest view point.

  24. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Great work! I saw this one on the shelves of Borders and literally ran over to it.

    Last one.

    might frame it. Love you work!

  25. I picked this up over Christmas and loved every bit of it. I was also just assigned (not two minutes ago) to report on you in my illustration class where they're assigning everyone illustrators to research. Don't suppose you have a bio written up anywhere that goes a into depth about your inspirations, who's inspired by you, who you've worked for, your life, and that sort of thing? Heh, that sounds so creepy. I wonder how I'd feel if people did reports on me.