Friday, November 24, 2006

Poz Magazine :: Sex Ed

asaf :: this piece was about the lack of proper sex ed in schools. today it's mostly abstinence-only programs (no sex before marriage), completely ignoring the relevant and urgent needs of teens.
from the article : amidst the heated debate between sex ed that teaches condoms versus sex ed that preaches abstinence-only, young people share what they knew about HIV before they got it through sex, and what they wish they'd learned beforehand.

had couple of ideas, did some sketches, shooting everywhere and nowhere :

luckily the ad was there to point me to the right direction and suggested something like this :

from here on I focused on contrasting old-teacher-has-been against young-teens-live-and-kicking using off-beat green against red.


  1. really excellent work

  2. NIce one. This turned out great . Love the roughs too.

  3. I really like the way you blog about your art, and especially the fact that you are not afraid of exposing the whole creative process. Once again, you managed to communicate the message strongly and clearly with this subtile touch of yours :)

  4. I like the panties flying at the chalkboard. Nice touch.

  5. pedro8:52 PM

    very nice work.
    i love the 2nd sketch, just the flow of lines, do you sketch on paper or you go straight to the wacan tablet?

  6. amazing illustration. the color schemes are brilliant and add so much to the final image.

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  8. I love your art. Its funny I just found out today you have this blog, and I just started 4 days ago, and I have been posting up some of your work. The art has nothing to do with my posts, but I just post them with the blogs, cause I'm crazy about them. Anyways I love this piece, its a great way of pointing that subject out. I love the truth behind it.

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  10. Very clever. Always nice to see the progression from thumbs to final. Really dig your pallet too.

  11. thanks for the feedback guys!
    btw, pedro - it's all digital, 100 percent wacom.

  12. pedro7:25 PM

    that's good to know, myself I still sketch on paper and finish it on the computer, maybe it's the way I draw/think but so far I haven't be able to replicate the same kind of lines...I'm an old model!

  13. Just out of curiousity....why do you work only with the Wacom? without scanning in the inks?

  14. Josh - I started penceling and inking whith the wacom because I couldn't find a decent paper shop here in Tel-Aviv. out of desperation and impending deadline I started using the wacom for everything. the first week was kind of strange, but I got used to it. now I can't go back.
    if one can claim the wacom will never replace the pencil, can't a caveman claim the pencil never replaced the finger?

    anyway, I hope I answered you question.


  16. If those are your drawings I congratulate you. Specially the last one, I never learnt how to draw :(

    Sex before marriage is something common nowadays. It is probably even more popular:)

  17. Its works have an excellent climatization through the colors. Very Nice!

  18. I'm fan of your work and would like to add direct link from my blog into yours, if that's fine with you guys?

  19. Nice dichotomy. Awesome work you and your brother are producing. Any sibling rivalry? How would you compare your work to your brother's? Are you Xaime to his Gilbert Hernandez? Anyway, both of you are excellent draftsman and creative colourists. Kudos.

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