Wednesday, October 25, 2006

korean gamers :: The New York Times Arts & Leisure

asaf :: this was for the cover of the Sunday Arts & Leisure section of the Times, featuring a story about Korean video game gods. in America, the top gamers are hardly big celebrities, but in Korea they're gigantic superstars -- way larger than life, pop culture heroes.

the first two sketches presented variations of the same idea - I was looking for an interesting clash between the geekness and the high-tech aesthetics related to super-heros.

the AD was interested in the second one, where the image is cut in half and the bottom part shows the "real" life of gamers next to the keyboard. they asked to turn the image horizontal, and change the keyboard to joysticks.

the final art was sent

but it turned out the joysticks are irrelevant in this context and that half of the illustration needed to be modified back to the keyboards.


  1. you captured the korean-likeness well.

    ...only koreans die from gaming.

  2. Nicely done.

    Seems like challenging gig , but you pulled it off.

  3. Great Idead and execution.

  4. Pedro6:10 PM

    Very nicely pulled off. I love the middle images, very Nicholas de Crecy"leon le came" style.

  5. This is a really great illustration. My favorite piece of yours so far. Great idea, and gorgeous execution.

  6. thanks guys.
    I love Nicolas de Crécy! more "Le Bibendum Céleste" than "Léon la Came", but anyhow, he is one of the most interesting things to came out of france in recent years.

  7. jamie2:27 PM

    the AD is an idiot
    cause the first sketch is way better
    and the joysticks are much more cool.

    but all in all this is nice,
    though i've seen better pieces from you.

  8. Great work. And as people say... I wish I could draw like this... :)