Thursday, December 08, 2005

workbook covers :: sketch

tomer :: workbook is a huge annual illustration directory that covers a wide variety of styles. they contacted me with a pretty set concept for next year's covers - a situation where someone (say an artist) is pitching someone else (say a client) an idea. these are very familiar positions to people who work in the biz, on either side. I was given free range to interpret this concept with one request: have the 'idea' be a golden-egg (somewhat like the gold light coming from the suitcase in Pulp Fiction or the black stone thing in 2001 Space Odyssey). I wanted to take this away from the conference room and into the battle zone. I wanted the artist to be this boy giving his 'golden egg' to a teenage girl he can never have (the client), all this in a futuristic urban wasteland. there are other boys (artists) around that function as 'before' an 'after' scenarios, one running away crying because he was rejected, and the other (behind the main boy) still cocky and full of hope. there are 2 view points, the front cover is the girl's view point, the back for the boy's view point.


  1. Very interesting...I say you add The Strokes in the background wearing Star Trek uniforms though ;)

  2. I know! there's always smoke smoldering from somewhere in the horizon.

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    very cool blog...Being myself an illustrator,
    besides enjoying your artwork, I really apreciate seeing the evolution of your work, from sketch to it's final presentation...very nice