Monday, December 19, 2005

Rolling Stone :: sketch

tomer :: what does it feel like running dead tired and stoned through a forest carrying 30 kilos of (really good) pot while crossing the American/Canadian border after closing the drug deal of your life and knowing that when you get home your lakefront house and motorboats and stripper girlfriend will be waiting eagerly and that your buddies would do this trip a hundred times more and you will accumulate more money then you can ever spend? apparently these kids knew and they tell their life imitates Hollywood story, now from behind bars, to Rolling Stone magazine.


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    i really like where this one is headed. the perspective is sick and the multiple faces really give it a nice surreal feeling. cant wait to see it inked and colored.

  2. Wow rolling stone.
    nice work.
    i like how the different expresions on the faces.
    i like how they are spread around.
    i like the different 3 diffrent views of the character running.
    this is far my favorite.

  3. jon- the AD felt there was too many i had to edit some out.

    luis- it's a cool idea to have it be three different views of the same character running, originally it was planned to be three different dudes.