Friday, December 16, 2005

gambling junkie :: final

tomer :: anxiety is the name of the game so I'm using any tool in my arsenal to underline it. the gambler's hand is pushing his face into the gutter of the page (see small layout) while his other hand is far away handling something very crucial and dangerous. the table is in a diagonal and his body in an even sharper diagonal which makes him seem out of balance. the red and green are a big art-school-color-basics no-no so you know it's good for expressing hostility.


  1. I get ill looking at this -- and by ill I mean phat. What is that "A" doing in the lower left corner?

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    hi, again from Argentina...i've seen a few times a tattoo on girls ¿ it's just a casual mark, or is the same girl over and over?

  3. process- ! jj ! hope you feel better now... might be smart to cut back on sea food -- and by sea food i mean star fish ;o)

    anon- it's the exact same girl...but with different tattoos.

  4. Yea, what is the "A" doing there? I am reading it like "when a gambling becomes obsessive" now that jj pointed it out. I guess it is your grade. It is definitely and A, A+ piece. I love it!