Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Urban America :: 2nd Sketch

tomer :: the 1st sketch was rejected...they felt it was overtly political. also, the flag got lost as the formal shapes of what the flag is made of where no longer recognizable. this is the 2nd round --more hip-hop-centric. jewelry, hot babes, cars.


  1. I liked the political version but hey...

    just an idea for the city scape happening in the bg there.. you could have defined scyscraper tops with red paint dripping down to define the "valleys" between buildings.. would cover the urban+graffiti angles of hiphop? that kinda detail might get lost but it would be a nice touch ;)

    I just found out about this blog, great work the both of you!

  2. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Great blog keep up posting, those lines are so good to look at.

  3. oliver- I'm intrigued by your idea about the paint drippings... I'll try to incorporate it in the final. thanks!

    pasto- great work on your blog! i dig your loose yet confident line work.

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    The first sketch was far superior to the second. It's a shame the client isn't able, for reasons of loss of advertising dollars or risk of readership alienation, to have the balls to go with the cooler, better concepted, better designed image. The gas station situation is fantastic. The real coup though is the attachment of hip hop to a truly American issue. I don't think of the hip hop community necessarily as the 'face' of the war - that seems to be the place of chubby senators and chubbier Southern moms. But the war is so pivotal in the American psyche right now (or so it appears on CNN; I'm Canadian)that of course any demographic can relate to it. I think you pay hip hop a lot of respect in addressing the one issue through the lens of the other.

    NICE hair and tire to represent the flag. That treatment says way more to me about the intrisicness of Americanism than the second concept.

    How much would this sketch sell for?

  5. hey erica- i appreciate your interesting insight and agree with you on every point except the notion that the hip hop community isn't necessarily the 'face' of the war. it is now clear that, demographically, people from certain urban communities are heavily recruited compared to teens of suburban or middle class backgrounds. the poorer you are - the more likely you'll be to sign up since there are less economical/social opportunities to 'get ahead'. chubby senators plan the war, but the kids who needed a collage grant end up paying for it.

    and about the sketch- we are still trying to figure out how to get a store up, but we want to supply the best we sketches. i might end up doing another final to the 1st sketch though.