Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the strokes :: final art

tomer :: using that star trek screen shot as a starting palette I tried keeping the background fantastic enough to contrast with the mostly gray strokes and gray music related objects buried in the ground. at some point whatever I'm coloring becomes pink and in this instance it's where I had to stop. note the rocket in the back functions as a crashed phallic symbol.


  1. I love it when rock and scifi mix.

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    eh... not sure i dig the helmets. They just look like bubbles. You should add something to the bottom of them that rests on their shoulders as they look rather disconnected from the band members

  3. I think the helmets are absolutely okay. But isn't the rocket a bit small for five people?

  4. Anonymous5:24 AM

    good stuff Tomer. the coloring is fantastic! the rocket is a phallic symbol, interesting that it is crashed into pink planet.

  5. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Is there any chance you might consider putting up a more detailed process in the creation of one of your pieces of art? - one of the most interesting things about illustration for me is the jump from a final approved sketch to the actual final art.

    When you submit a sketch you are demonstrating to an art director that this illustration will fulfill their criteria for what they need the picture to be (in this case a picture of the strokes and their otherwordliness). When they have been appeased and they feel confident that you will be able to convey what they need. Then you are free to go away and start banging your head against a wall as you struggle to keep your artist integrity in tact.

    Usually I have an idea in my head about how I am going to tackle the final look of the picture, but I cannot express this idea in any way except visually. So this is the point where the illustration actually gets fun as i attempt to get the ideas in my brain down on paper.

    I would love to see some mental head banging.

  6. rob- same here!

    anon- good point but where's the logic in wearing helmets on earth at all?!

    elaine- you're right of course. actually I've added the cockpit after finalizing the sketch to the request of the AD b/c there was a fear the rocket would look like a missile rather than a space-ship, so it could have been much worse...

    anon(2)- tnx! what are you trying to say? ( ;

    nick- very well put- i know what you mean. I mostly bang my head with the coloring (after the sketch is approved the line work is pretty much set). I basically go through the whole spectrum a few times until something clicks. not sure there is a way to document it but I'll try. I know I always try to get rid of colors so I end up with only two or three.