Friday, November 25, 2005

paranoia nation :: test yourself

tomer :: I'm one of those guys with olive skin, permanent five o'clock shadow and thick eyebrows. yes, you'll see me at a train-stop and get a bit worried. if I saw me at an airport I will likely, against my better judgment, get a bit suspicious too. I get stopped by security guards plenty, sometimes four-five times in one trip. I don't blame them. it occurred to me that each of us has an internal visual judge that categorizes whomever crosses our path based on a variety of parameters most of which are deeply personal, some are political, none are objective. we all have a 'zero' point -- where a person's appearance crosses too many 'red lines' and he becomes a 'suspect'. crossing a red line can be as slight as 10% more magenta in the general mix. this drawing wants to mess with your internal judge, making it look for that zero point-- it's natural tendency-- without quite reaching a concrete conclusion.


  1. great concept and great design.
    i think im about to call security...

  2. Im the opposit. I just bought a more agressive looking pair of glasses, because I looked so unthreatening that everybody always immediately sits down next to me in the subway. And everybody always asks me for directions. And I never get stopped by any guard anywhere.It took almost 30 years before I was asked to show my driver's license for the first time. Of course I would be the one in the top left hand side of your drawing.

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    got to your site by coincidence,
    great art.



  4. ma kore again!

    what about my color? The -1, transparent white with visible blood vessels through the flesh?

  5. dark-forest :: thank man :)

    eliane :: i just saw your self-portrait and indeed you look mighty friendly/unthreatening. maybe the secret is in choosing the right pair of glasses...

    hezzi :: toda for stopping by.

    m.patrizio :: but that's outrageous!! what happened to the rosy healthy looking cheeks of yesteryear...has the class of 2000 begun deteriorating already?

  6. I'm most scared of the upper left corner.

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    great post. i'm in the same boat and i know how it feels.

  8. Anonymous10:50 AM

    This is fantastic.